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How to enable or disable directory listing using .htaccess
Thursday, April 18, 2013    10:22 am

Basically when a web browser is pointed to a directory on your web site which does not have an index.html file (or any other index file) in it, the files in that directory can be listed on a web page.

To allow a web server to produce a directory listing, whenever you point a directory without index file this article will helps you to show how to make directory listing turn On And Off from The Godaddy Hosting Server.

To do This Follow The Steps :

Sept 1 : Login To your hosting server. 

Step 2 : Go to web-hosting account for the website and launch it.

Step 3 : Click on file manager from the section Options & Settings

step 4 : create a new file and write 1 simple code to it ” Options +Indexes ” and save it with the name .htaccess. If you already have .htaccess in your file manager than just add the code to it.

*Note : Step 1, Step 2, Step 3  are according to the Godaddy Hosting server and Step 4 is common for all hosting servers. If I want to enable directory listing on my own website I will select my hosting on and perform all above steps.

Alternatively, if your server  allow directory listings and you would like to disable them,  just change in  the .htaccess file write

“Option – Indexes”

To understand it better you can watch this video tutorial

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