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How to get a free website design
Wednesday, February 22, 2012    3:50 pm

Getting a free website design is something that could save your business a few hundred dollars when first entering the world of online business. There are several ways you can a free design however some of the methods will not return a very unique custom website design. In this post we are going to look at some of these methods.

1. Website Builders

A lot of free hosting providers over very easy to use website building tools, these tools have built in pre-designs and you simply enter the information that you wish to be added on each page. With these solutions you can have a complete and free website design in minutes. The big downside is that they are heavily used by smaller websites and the design will not be bespoke to your company.

2. Friend/Family/Current Employee            

There is a chance that a friend, family member or current employee of your business has some web design experience. Talk to them and there is a chance they might offer to do a basic custom website design for free. In most cases if you are a small business something very basic is often enough to have a powerful presence online.

3. Do it yourself

If all else fails you could try to do the website design yourself. There are a lot of tutorials online that could give you everything you need to design the perfect website.

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