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How to Integrate Live Chat to a Website
Wednesday, October 19, 2011    4:34 pm

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could chat with the visitors of your website? If you are a site visitor, on the other hand, wouldn’t it also be nice to be able to talk to a real person who is ready to answer your questions? Want to know how to integrate live chat to a website? It is actually very easy and the best part is, you don’t even have to spend a single dime to have a live chat on your website.

Below are two of the popular options.

Plugoo. The Basic plan to use Plugoo is free but if you are looking for more features, then you can opt for either of their two paid options. This is a very popular tool because it is very easy to integrate it with a blog or website and you can use it with existing chat clients such as Yahoo Messenger, MSN Live Messenger and Google Talk.

MeeboMe. If you want to be able to keep track of all the visitors in your website in real time, then MeeboMe is for you. With this tool, you can also chat with more than one visitor at a time. Like Plugoo, it is also very easy to integrate MeeboMe to a website or blog.

There are other options, of course, for people who want to know how to integrate live chat to a website but the above examples stand out because their excellent features and because they are very easy to use.

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