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How to keep back-up of your WordPress Website
Friday, May 10, 2013    5:56 am

Back-ups are important to restore your data and files. In case of any worst situation, these back-ups can restore everything back to normal. To keep back-ups, you will need to restore your database i.e. every post, every comment, every link on your site, your files like WordPress Core installation, plug-ins, themes, images and files, Javascripts, PHP scripts, static web pages.  If you are not aware about how to keep the back-up, then here are simple steps to keep the back-up. Don’t depend on hosting company only. Don’t leave the safety of your website only in the hands of your hosting provider.

Here are simple steps to keep back-up

  • Use an FTP program for downloading your WordPress files from host to local computer.

  • Programs like WinSCP allow you to synchronize with the website and store a copy of your content on your server and hard drive updated.

  • Always restore a copy of your files on desktop. You can use FTP Clients or UNIX Shell Skills for this. You can compress them to save space. Important files like wp-config.php file and wp-content directory should have back-ups.

  • Use export feature in WordPress. It gets easy to export your content. For this, log on to WordPress admin section of your website. Select ‘Tools’ option in the left column menu. First select “Export” option and then select “All Content”. After this, select “Download Export File”. You can then download the exported file which is in XML format.

You can also keep faith on WordPress Back-up Plug-ins to restore your database and files. Here is the list of topmost plug-ins


It has a simple interface and one-click restorable. The price ranges from minimum $15 month to maximum $350.


It is simple to use, gives choice to store your back-ups, can have multiple back-up operations. It is free to use.


It is a free plug-in which is very easy to use. With this, you can store back-ups on Google drive also. You can chose what you want backing up. It also sends e-mail notification on occurrence of error.


It is free, simple and low-impact script plug–in. You cannot keep back-up of files. Only database can be stored.

WP-DB Manager

It is a free plug-in. It provides daily feedback about back-up via e-mail. It can enhance the speed of your website.


BlogVault offers you free trail. The price can range from $9 per month for single site to $39 per month for approximately 7 sites. It provides quick support response time and easy blog migration. You can keep back-up of individual files.

Backup Buddy

It is simple and cost-effective back-up plug-in for WordPress. It offers daily or weekly back-ups. But most people prefer daily back-up.

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