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How to make a custom website design from a template
Friday, December 30, 2011    5:03 am

With the way Google algorithms are currently working, it is almost essential that all of the content and graphics on your website are as unique as possible. Now if you are someone who likes to use premade templates or themes do not start to think that this means it is the end of these days. There are easy ways to change an already designed theme into a custom website design.

Source Files

With some templates, in particular premium paid-for downloads you will find that they come with the source films for the images. To edit these templates all you really have to do is open the image in your favourite graphics editor such as adobe photoshop and edit it as necessary. This is good because you don’t have to change any of the dimensions and know exactly what you are working with.  Even if you simply change a few colours and the font you will have a unique design.

Custom Editing

The harder approach is to try to get the dimensions of each image and then create your own version completely from scratch. This takes a lot of time to do however you can get a good result if you know exactly what you want.

Either way you approach the problem you will end up with a custom website design.

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