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How to make footer menu Dynamic in the WordPress website
Thursday, April 18, 2013    11:27 am

When You Are Dealing With  WordPress Website template or converting  html static website to WordPress website so it gives an easy access to manage the contents, you may also want to convert your website menu to dynamic as it makes it very simple to update the tabs and menu of your website.

Dynamic Menu is Key Concept of WordPress Development  as it makes it very easy to add new pages, delete existing pages or change names of existing tabs in the website design.

This Article Will Help You To Create Dynamic Menu In The Footer Section of your website.

Step 1 : Login To the WordPress Admin Panel

Step 2 : To the Left Side Click On Appearance -> Menu

Step 3 : Now on the right side create a new menu named as footer and from the left side add the pages which you want to show  in the  footer menu and click on Save button.

Step 4 : Go to Appearance -> Editor And select footer.php file.

Step 5 : Copy and paste the below line of code where you want to display the menu.

<?php wp_nav_menu( array(‘menu’ => ‘Footer’ )); ?>

*Note : “Footer” is the name of menu which you Created for footer section. You can replace it to the one you created.

Step 6 : Update The File.

You can watch below video to understand it in more details

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