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How to manage time for business while employed
Tuesday, May 28, 2013    7:40 am

If you are thinking about starting your own business while being employed, then here are some tips on time management. For many people, it is possible to leave their jobs and start their own business. But for some, due to responsibilities, it is not feasible to leave the job abruptly. If you are juggling between office stress and business fears, then we hope that following advices will help you to come out of tangle.


Living with two chores is not an easy task, but with positive attitude and will power, you can do it.

Chalk out your schedule

First and important thing is to plan your schedule. Make a time table of your work. You will be able to analyze the timeline of your task. Prioritize your tasks and work according to priority. Give importance to tasks such as securing insurance, registration process and initial funding. Don’t leave these things incomplete, otherwise you will have to rush hither and thither at the last moment.  Review your work load regularly.

Get support group

You may be thinking that you will build your dream business alone. But, if you think in a realistic way, you need support of someone else. It’s good to have co-founder so that he/she can manage work, meetings when you are in office. If you are not interested to have co-founder, then ask your friends or relatives, who are doing similar work. You can start your business with your wife also, if she is interested. In this way, you can have someone faithful with you.

Hire someone

You can get full time help by hiring an employee. Throughout the day, your employee can work on your business while you see out your salaried job. You might be unable to hire an employee as you are just establishing your business. Well, in this case, you can get help from a fresher/young graduate on a work experience stint.

Utilize your holidays

For boosting your recently started business you will need to use your holidays.  You can manage your business while working on holidays. You have to choose between leisure and money, if you really want to build your business on your feet. Your family may have some problems, but you can talk with them regarding this and ask for their support.

Get a good place

Choose a good location which will be helpful for you to manage your office and business. Get a place which is near your office. This will save your time and energy.

Don’t make use of office resources

Don’t use any kind of property which belongs to your day job. Be fair to both things. Companies have rules about utilizing their equipments. Be careful while using e-mail systems of your office.

A word of caution

Don’t discuss about your business with other fellow colleagues. But, if you have good and friendly relationship with your boss, then try to tell him about your business. Think of approaching your boss.

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