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How to reduce bounce rate of the website
Friday, May 17, 2013    12:28 pm

You may be wondering, what is bounce rate? Well, bounce rate is an internet marketing term which indicates the percentage of visitors who enter the site, but leave the website instead of reading other pages of website. Bounce rate happens when a visitor views only single page of website, without entering other pages of a website within a specific time period.

As we all know and believe that “First impression is the last impression”. Your website must contain all the elements which are required to attract the visitors in its first impression. You need to review some points if you are suffering through high bounce rate. The factors which may be resulting in high bounce rate can be bad designing, very long loading time, unorganized layout or muddled navigation system.

If your bounce rate is 30-40%, then your website is good.

If it is 50-60%, then consider it an average website.

Within 70 % and 80%, then it is very bad.

Above 80%, then it’s worse.

If you want to reduce the bounce rate of your website, then keep in view following points:

Analyze the design of your website

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, but here if your website design is not impressive then this popular adage fails. Remember, your website designer must have that magic in his hands to design a good website. If your website is attractive, catchy and has balance between content and design, then it will surely attract the user and he will explore inner pages and spend more time on your website, resulting in less bounce rate.

Loading time should be less  

Imagine when you click on certain website and it takes long loading time. Well, it is a frustrating experience. Instead of landing on desired page, users have to wait for long period. If the loading time is long, users will surely turn to some other website. Because today, the life is very fast and nobody has time to wait for long time. So, to avoid this, ensure that your website is well optimized for faster page loading. If possible trim down needless flash elements and have less images.

Spruce up poor navigation system

Poor navigation system may be another reason for high bounce rate. Always make certain that all navigation links are placed on top of your page. So that visitors can easily recognize them. If you are using drop down menu, make placement of chief categories properly in the menu bar with sub-categories.

Ad placement scrutiny and preclude pop-up

We know that ads are best revenue for your website. But, users really don’t like looking at an advertisement instead of their required information. We understand that without ads, no website can survive. But you can scrutinize the placement of advertisement and lessen up ads. As advertisement needs prominent display, try to place it on a prominent place but in such a way that users don’t have to take the helm of flood of ads.  Don’t place too much ads above the fold. Pop-ups also give an irritating experience to users, so make less use of pop-ups.

Solve browser rendering issue

Keep track of bounce rates for browser, geography, and traffic source. You may notice that your website has high bounce rate for internet explorer as compared to Mozilla Firefox. If you find out this, then solve browser rendering issue.

Keyword reliability

Ensure low bounce rate for keywords that you are using in metadata. Keywords should be relevant to your content. Don’t use keywords which are not related to the content.

Social media activation

Use social media platform to deepen the readers’ experience. Share links, images, tagging, users’ view on Facebook.  Use proper hash tag and character count on Twitter. Utilize these platforms to give an amazing enrichment to users.

Content quality

Lastly, content is also an important factor. Even if the user gets attracted with your website design but, does not find any relevant and nice information, your bounce rate will continue to climb. So provide informative and valuable information to users.  For more details you can read ‘How to write good content for a website’.  

Try these techniques and see the improvement in number of visitors and reduce bounce rate.

By: admin