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How to secure your osCommerce site with .htaccess/htpassword
Friday, June 7, 2013    2:51 pm

We know that you are concerned about the security of your osCommerce website. There are many ways to secure osCommerce website. Here is step by step tutorial on how to secure your osCommerce site with .htaccess/htpassword.

.htaccess/htpassword enables a thick layer of security. Hackers cannot penetrate this layer in order to access the admin panel.

Step 1

Log in to your admin panel of osCommerce website.

Step 2

After clicking on ‘Administrators’ button, a list of users will appear. Click on the edit button which is on right side.

Step 3

Now, enter your password. You will see the box for “Protect With htaccess/htpasswd”, click the save button.

Step 4

A pop up will appear asking for your username and password. Mention the username and password which you created a while ago. And click on OK.


Now, you will see a green message which states “This osCommerce Online Merchant Administration Tool installation is additionally secured through htaccess/htpasswd means.”

Congrats. You have done it!

By: admin