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How to write good content for a website
Friday, May 17, 2013    12:28 pm

In the crowd of websites today, SEO-friendly content writing has become an important element. Earlier, it was simple to write for the websites, now due to evolution of search engines, the scenario has changed. If you overuse the keywords, pick up content from other websites then, search engines algorithms will drop your website ranking down or can even ban your website. To avoid this, it is essential to carefully consider your content to be SEO-friendly.

If you are not sure about how to write good content, then we will guide you to write informative content which can drive traffic to your website.

Keep in mind relevance of content

A content writer should always write relevant content. If you write irrelevant just to fool search engines, then search engines have ways of recognizing it. If this is done, you will lose rank or even be banned. Readers search on internet for information; if your site or page cannot provide information, then they will lose interest.

Bring Balance in Content

You should know the trick to balance content. While keeping an eye on improving SEO, you should not give undue importance to search engines. If the website does not make any sense to readers, then you will ultimately lose the battle. Think about robots as well as human beings, don’t neglect anyone of them. Consider your keywords well in advance of writing, work carefully on selection of right terms and density of these terms. You can use Google Keyword Tool or Wonder Wheel for research. This will help you to gather research data and confirm you that have chosen the words that are widely searched. Keyword density means number of times a keyword used on site. Don’t mention it too many times. Ideally, you should mention a keyword three times on each page, with mention in title, meta data, body of text, alt tags and file names. Keyword should be used more in first paragraph and title. For instance, if your keyword is cherry, then you should mention it in title and first paragraph.

Content Length

Keep your content short and sweet as far as possible. Search engine crawlers don’t pay attention towards pages with less than 250 words. But, don’t get too far also, because if the word count is more, the readers will find it boring to read. So keep it between 280 and 650 words. First paragraph is vital; if it is boring then readers will not read your article. So write while keeping in mind three ‘I’s i.e. interesting, informative and ideal.

Give regular content updates

Regular updates like blogs, new posts are important to attract new visitors and existing ones. Update your website at least twice a week.

Thorough Proofreading

It is worth proofreading your content. Check spelling mistakes and grammatical errors because these mistakes can ruin the impression of your website. The visitor will leave your website if he/she founds mistakes and will not take the information provided by you seriously and turn to other websites. It is better to take a minute and read it before your website goes live or after every update. Also, show your content to others because it is always good that someone else check your content.

Avoid expansion

Get to the point in first paragraph itself. Readers will get confuse if they don’t get required information.

Use lists

Instead of using paragraphs, use lists. Readers find it easier to scan list.

Write short sentences

Concise sentences are better to use because readers get confused and bored while reading bigger sentences.

Avoid passive voice

Don’t use passive voice. Maintain the flow of sentences.

Use sub-headings

Always use sub-headings as the readers will easily understand which section serves their purpose without getting deep into it.

Interactive content

It is always good to write interactive content. Readers would tend to give his input and comment.

Give hyperlinks

Give hyperlinks to other pages or websites. It will be a good option for those who want to explore the subject more.

Practice for perfect content

Writing takes years to express your thoughts well. So, practice well to boost your writing skills.

Now, you must have understood content writing that to SEO-friendly is not an easy task. Research, planning and creative thinking is needed, if done well the website will get visits and visitors will get interesting information and knowledge.

By: admin