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Importance of domain names
Saturday, March 6, 2010    6:18 am

It is important to have a good and decent domain name whenever you plan to be noticed as an online entity. If someone tells you that you don’t either they don’t really understand the importance of domain name or they are lying to you. Having your website hosted on free domain names like geocities or dyndns makes your business looks un-professional and makes your domain name difficult to remember. Forget the limitations that these free hosting sites are going to put on your website, apart from the advertisements.

Apart from this, the domain name reflects a lot about your business and creates the first impression about your business on online entity. Also, having your own personal domain name helps you create your own personal email on behalf of your own domain name. It is very obvious that sending email from looks very much professional and has better results in advertising also than sending email from

Also, you can expect more traffic on your website when having your own domain name, because

  • You can do its SEO in your way.
  • It will be easier for people to remember it, then to remember it at or kind of websites.

Also, make sure that you follow the following guidelines when choosing a domain name for your business.

Make sure your domain name is not too long or too short. Ideally, it should be between 1-3 words.

Make sure your domain name is easy to remember, having a domain name as even if it abbreviates to your business in some or other way won’t make it easier for people to remember.

Make sure that you avoid similarity with your competitor domain name because if you plan to take up his traffic by this strategy, this can be reversed too.

Make sure that you choose .com, as till date that is the most common ending that most people remember. Say, if you remember some domain name AOL, you will first try to visit only before trying any other extension.

With these things in mind, you will certainly end up having a good domain name for your site which will eventually result in having more traffic on your site.

By: admin