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Insight to the features of Magneto
Thursday, December 22, 2011    5:34 am

Magneto is software that has been developed to make the eCommerce process as simple as possible. It has been made to hold all of the features asked for by many of the internet’s users who own some sort of eCommerce business. This post is an insight to the features of Magneto.

  1. SEO – Magneto has been built with some SEO technologies ready to be deployed from day one.
  2. An easy to use catalogue system allowing you to easily import, export and modify the products you are looking to sell.
  3. Allowing users to selling multiple shipping address in one order, something hardly any eCommerce websites currently employ.
  4. Customer Service and Tracking can be done directly from the customer’s account.
  5. An easy to use admin panel where a business owner or employee can administer incoming orders and process them accordingly from a simple user interface.
  6. Inbuilt functions to make it easy to get statistics and reports on how the business is running and how many sales are coming in a long with overall profit reports.
  7. Easy to install mobile eCommerce website for if your website is visited by mobile users.
  8. Multiple Payment options for customers to use.
  9. It allows customers to register to the website so that they can revisit and order with their previous settings.
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