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Thursday, October 13, 2011    5:54 am

Google buzz is a social networking application like twitter and facebook. It was launched on February 9th 2010 giving a new dimension to people can use social media. One can follow friends being updated constantly. Google Buzz will help you stay in touch with friends and family across diverse geographical locations. You can easily start many useful discussions on Google Buzz and get to know who has interests similar to yours. Make more friends online and get to know them all. Sharing images, videos are much simpler as it is all done on one easy interface. You can integrate Google Buzz with Google reader where you can share your articles and leave simple comments easily.

You can easily filter out unwanted content so that the information made available via Google Buzz is always useful. A nice feature of  Google Buzz the Auto Follow function so there is no need to manually add people, you can stay in touch with a huge amount of people without even adding them . There is no character limit on what you type in. There is also a large potential to improve your business by using the Google Buzz alternative to facebook’s like button the “Recommended Buzz”  about your products. There is integration facility with Gmail to enable you to email and stay socially connected via Google Buzz simultaneously without having to email you about any updates.

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