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Saturday, October 15, 2011    6:39 am

Google TV is the combined effort of Google’s android software, Intel and Sony and Logitech in an attempt to create an interactive television system to add to current web television sites. Google intends to harness the power of many of its existing products in this new idea.

Google TV is a merger of the traditional TV and the Internet. Your TV remotes could soon  be replaced by smart phones and soon enough you will be watching TV in your lounge one minute and then checking an email on your television screen the next.

Switching from the TV mode to the Internet mode is easy with just the push of a single button. Google TV provides the platform allowing users to browse the internet and catch up on the latest episode of their favorite show all at the same time. I you are lucky enough to own an android phone or iphone you will be able to use them as remote control.

Google TV has not been eagerly awaited by many broadcasters as they fear many Google TV users will drop their pay tv subscriptions. In response to this just about all  broadcasters blocked Google TV users from accessing their content.

By: admin