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Insights to website fonts
Thursday, December 22, 2011    5:32 am

Some beginner web designers or those simply creating a website for personal enjoyment will not realise the importance of using one of the most preferred fonts available. Believe it or not some will even try and use a strange custom font that they have downloaded without realising people without that font installed on their computer will not have it displayed in the same way. Below is an Insight to website fonts that are commonly used with live websites.


Arial is one of the few fonts that is used as a standard in some text editing programs. It has become popular as it remains one of the most modern looking fonts, by which the text does not look “old” or out of date and every letter, number or symbol continues to be very reader friendly.

Courier New

Courier new is a slightly more “boxier” font than its rival Arial. It looks more old fashioned but is still very readable and user friendly. This particularly font can be used within certain niche websites to add an extra effect to the overall design.

The fonts mentioned above are 2 of many popular web based fonts, here is a brief list of the other popular choices;

  • Verdana
  • Times New Roman
  • Helvetica
  • Georgia


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