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Joomla Vs WordPress. Who wins the battle?
Saturday, May 4, 2013    2:01 pm

If you are stuck upon the question, which Content Management System is better and which is the best suited Content Management System (CMS) for your website? Then here you will find a brainstorming session on which CMS is better. Open Source technologies for website designing and developing are rapidly growing. But, there is a growing debate in terms of usability of both these open source technologies.

First of all let us understand what are Joomla and WordPress?

What is Joomla?

Joomla is an excellent content management system which allows easy maintenance and management of your website. You can operate Joomla even without the help of Joomla Development Company, as it can be operated without or with little knowledge of programming. This means that you are capable of operating and make changes in your website without depending on Joomla programmer.

Joomla ensures full flexibility to Joomla developers to design the website as per their liking and fulfillment. Joomla software offers a large number of extensions which enhances the functionality of a website. It offers everything right from adding and updating images, article pages, navigation menus.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is considered as the perfect platform for bloggers and WordPress Developers due to its easiness regarding installation and usage. Basically, WordPress was developed for blogging sites but slowly it got converted into a CMS. While using WordPress website you can create pages, posts etc. Search engines love websites having WordPress. It can be easily read by search engines because the code behind it is very simple. With WordPress, your site can go on top of ranking very quickly.


Comparison between Joomla and WordPress


WordPress provides easy to use features while Joomla is also quite simple but it provides a large number of features. With Joomla, your site gets a more advanced look while WordPress gives a good look to your website but it does not appear very advanced.

Which is preferable?

 Joomla scores well here. WordPress is good for websites that are meant to feature blogs and articles. If a developer wants to build a website with advanced features, then WordPress is not a good choice. Here Joomla is a better choice and most preferable.

Plugins and extensions

WordPress comprises add-ons features like WordPress plug-ins but, they are not as efficient as Joomla components. Joomla extensions have a much wider variety. Therefore, for a blog-based website, WordPress is perfect but for more advanced website with static content Joomla is best.

SEO-wise scoring

 If you compare both these on the basis of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then WordPress is the front runner. However, if the website is optimized, then it can reach higher ranking in search engines.  We can say that here WordPress has a little edge over Joomla.

Support and Community

WordPress is short of lots of community-building initiatives. Its website is plain and insipid; on the other hand, website developed with the help of Joomla development is lively and attractive.


Pros and cons

Joomla Pros

  • User-friendly for Joomla developers, Joomla designers, Joomla Coders, Joomla Programmers and administrators
  • Huge support of community
  • Incessant developments and advancements

Joomla Cons

  • Everyone cannot understand its functionalities
  • Javascript and CSS can become bulky
  •  Changing of layout is clumsy


WordPress Pros

  • Very simple to use and manage
  • Useful as far as blogging or sharing views are concerned
  • Even most aged user can understand it quickly

WordPress Cons

  • Less support of community
  • It is not developer-friendly
  • Advancements bring more bugs


Here comes the winner

After analysis and comparison between both these CMS, we found that both systems are good for certain points and functions. But if you compare all aspects then, Joomla has an upper edge over WordPress. Here Joomla wins the battle.



By: admin