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Key questions to be asked before hiring website developer
Tuesday, May 28, 2013    6:46 am


A website developer specializes in development of 3W’s i.e. World Wide Web application.  Call him webmaster, web architect, site author or website administrator, for building a website he is most critical person. If you have made your mind to build your website, then ensure that you don’t make any mistake while hiring a website developer or website development company.

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After all, your website depicts virtual face of your company, service or product. And all these elements determine your business growth and revenue. So how can you make mistake in such an important issue. While hiring a web developer you should not turn Nelson’s eye towards important aspects.

If you are facing any difficulty, then this article will guide and enlighten you about the selection criteria.

1 Who will be owner of website?

This is the most important question to ask. Because if you don’t know about this status, then be ready to face problems in future. Ensure that this issue is mentioned properly in your contract and you own your website. If you don’t take this aspect seriously, you will be in trouble. For instance, if your developer goes out of business in future or you miss to give payment, then your website goes off with him. In this condition, you will be forced to switch to a different web developer and start over again.

2 What is your experience so far and can you provide me list of your clients?

By asking this, you will ensure that you know the professional details about your future web developer. You can also check with the clients about the work quality, promptness, deadline adherence, working relationship, ability to deliver perfect output of web developer.

3 Will I be able to update my own website?

Before long ago, making changes to your website was not anyone’s cup of tea. You have to depend upon web developer for that purpose. But, now you can easily update the content and images on your website. Ask your web developer to provide proper training about this to you or your employee. Updating content on regular basis enhances your search engine ranking.

4 Do they test their work?

To ensure that your website is displaying appropriately on all web browsers, you must ask this question. While building an e-commerce website, social website or online community, testing holds an important place. Testing regarding secure payment gateways is needed to be done in a real environment. Chalk out all the areas where you think testing is needed. Convey this to your web developer and ask for specific details about this.

5 Will my website be mobile-friendly?

More and more users are using mobile devices to surf the internet nowadays. While doing this, users have to zoom and scroll a lot to read the content. There are also problems with navigation menu, loading time and image display. If the website is not mobile-friendly, then the users will turn to some another website. Hence, you should ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

6 Which content management system will you use?

Ask him, which content management system will be used. If using proprietary software, then you have to depend on the firm for making even minor changes in the site. This is a major issue which needs to be sorted out. Gain some knowledge about CMS panels like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal etc or ask experts about best suit for your website.

These questions are important to judge your web developer. Apart from these questions like

What is your cost?

How many employees do you have?

How will you regularly communicate with us?

And so on, are natural questions which don’t need to be discussed.

By: admin