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Wednesday, September 5, 2012    7:22 am

In 2012, we have seen a sudden boom in the use of the latest technology in web design because of the demand for websites that are different from others.  The main reason for designing website is for a visitor to fully understand what is been advertised by the web site with a seconds. The era when graphics and header text were used to generate traffic has come and is going out of fashion because of web pages that appears like landing pages. The use of these landing pages is clean and simple to understand yet complex in beauty and features.

Vector images are another technological advancement that is generated by computers for effective marketing and advertising of web sites. The use of XML has made it possible for most of the 2012 web design advancement to be easy and simple.

Web design has become richer with the introduction of Extensible Markup language that is a new technology for web developers and web designers. This has made XML become applicable to mobile internet users without stopping them from enjoying the full benefits of some complex websites that needs the use of Flash or Adobe Reader.  Technology has finally married fashion which is why we seeing newer technologies on wed designs latterly.  We have adaptive web design concepts that are making use of jQuery applications like FitVids and Elastislide as some of the web page features. Responsive web design have become what a lot of people are making use in the design of their websites especially with CSS3 Media Queries.

A lot of people are making use of their mobile appliances for virtual businesses and other online transaction which means that the mobile web designs should meet the world standard when it comes to viewing websites.  There is a newer version of Adobe Shadow that is designed with extra features that has helped mobile users to have unlimited access to web pages.  Currently, a lot of web designers are making use of this for the design of websites for the benefit of mobile internet users.

It is as if web developers are in a fierce competition over who develops the best application for web designs. Of course, this is what is currently happening in our virtual world where we see most amazing web sites that have features we may not see in other websites. The reason for this is because we want to be better in whatever feature or application we are seen with while the other reason is fashion.

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