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Learn to install Joomla on local server (WAMP)
Tuesday, May 28, 2013    7:15 am

Are you new to Joomla? Having problems in installing Joomla on local server? Want to get most up to date version of Joomla. Then, this tutorial will help you.

First of all, you should install a virtual server on your local drive. You can try WAMP server or XAMPP server. But, the easiest way is WAMP. Wamp server is an open source project which can be used with GPL license. There are several beta versions and add-ons.

If you are using WAMP as a virtual server then do the following:

1. Download WAMP server. You just have to type download WAMP server on Google to get the much needed results.

2. After installing WAMP, start your WAMP server.

3. The next step is to install latest version of Joomla from

4. Now, create a folder in WAMP www directory and export the Joomla installation which you downloaded. The above created folder will be the root on your local host Joomla website. For instance, you can name it ‘Joomla site’.

5. Now, type in your browser and click on the previously created folder ‘Joomla site’.

6. Now, the next steps are very easy.

Choose your language and click on next button> Check whether your pre-installation is ok and click on next> Read about license and move to next step.

Learn to install Joomla on local server (WAMP)

7. Click on phpmyadmin and set database configuration

After installing WAMP, the host name is usually ‘localhost’; the user name is either root or some name given by host. Database name has to be given by you.

Learn to install Joomla on local server (WAMP)


8. Next step is FTP set up, since we are using WAMP on local host, skip this step just by clicking ‘next’.

9. In this step, you need to put all the site details. Enter your site name, e-mail id and password. Click on ‘Install Sample Data’. Installing sample data is highly recommended for beginners. This will install sample content that is included in Joomla installation package.

10. Now, you will get the message “Congratulations! Joomla! Is now installed.

Please note: Delete installation folder before signing in.

This window will appear after installation.


Learn to install Joomla on local server (WAMP)

By: admin