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Wednesday, March 9, 2011    6:47 am

Web design has taken many forms and directions with every sector of the economy claiming a chunk of the internet. The medical sector has taken this up with hospitals in need of making information about their services available to everyone and contacting them even easier, many medical institutions ranging from hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories among others effectively displaying their services on the internet.

With these developments it has become inevitable to have specialized websites designed for these institutions so as to expedite provision of services including making doctor’s appointments and paying for he services among other important steps to getting treated.

These websites have to be attractive and clean with minimal distractions in play so that patients can concentrate on the content. The design should be accessible through a variety of browsers, computers, and mobile phones and should have easy usability ad simple page navigation links.

It is good if the design focuses on one page per headline for simplicity and direct access to specific information. The pictures and other graphics should help the visitor get what he needs but not just beautifying the site. Once you decide on a design, carry it along in all the pages for consistency and professionalism.

The design should be clean well structured and organized with all the headings meaningful and directly informative for easy and quick navigation. Texts should be easy to read and follow with large fonts for quick scanning through.

The codes and images should be optimized for the shortest download time, this is important since in most cases an emergency is involved so speed is paramount. Design the navigation menus to be simple and easy to operate, should be brief and descriptive for quick decisions by the visitors. The pages should clearly indicate what is in them at a glance since visitors can redirect from the link if it contains a lot of information that is not well organized and displayed. To get the maximum benefit of the medical website, it has contain all the contact information including phone numbers, postal address, physical address, fax, email addresses, routes to the premises and hours of operation among other details required by the visitor.

Updates should be availed to the visitors about epidemics, medical research breakthroughs and new drugs among many more that can be freely availed to help market the business and the website. Just like the other businesses, healthcare providers also need to market their services for improved profits.

With this in mind medical web designers should but into use designs that will optimize the site in search engine hits. The business owners then take this up and aggressively market the site using the available web marketing strategies. This can begin by ensuring that all appointments are booked online with the payments also done through the same site so as to encourage patents and visitors to be used to the site. Ensuring all paper documents to the patient have the links to the site will help a lot in marketing it.

In conclusion, medical web design still has a long way to go and is surely going to revolutionize the provision of health services.

By: admin