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Milestones when you design eCommerce website
Saturday, January 21, 2012    9:41 am

Using milestones to track your progress when you design eCommerce websites is a great way to review the work you have already done and correct it if need be. It does mean the project could take a bit longer than originally expected however the end product will usually be that slight more better, making it more than worth the time.

Setting milestones is a good way of managing a project. When you have something such as eCommerce website to design there are many different parts which need to be spot on. Therefore setting a milestone after each step of the design ensures it is reviewed, any problems are fixed and that you are really ready to move on.

Milestones to use

Hard Design – Draw a storyboard or something similar to represent the website, note down on the design where each feature sits and how the user will navigate and search around the site.

Webpage design – This is a very important part of the website design process. Checking that when you think the design is finished and looks how you want it too that it actually. This is usually where there is a meeting between the web design firm and the client.

Functionality – At the end of the line, does the website function as intended? Are customers able to view, search for and buy products without having a bad experience? This is where a full review of the system should take place a second time to ensure nothing is missing.

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