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Mobile Friendly Websites – the Need of the Day!
Wednesday, June 27, 2012    5:35 am

Almost all professionals today prefer to use the internet while on the go. They do it in their travelling time or in the leisure time. At such times they prefer to visit many websites and look for information all across the site. Many times, this information available on the website on the mobiles seals the deal for the companies.

But many a times, if the web site on the mobile is not properly developed, then it might lead to a negative image about the company and it may also lead to a possible loss of prospective clientele. Also if the web site is not there at all, then the likelihood of converting a prospective client into a regular one is completely lost as there is absolutely no access to information available on the mobile internet page that an individual logs on to for searching that vital piece of information.

Web sites which are mobile friendly get a lot of coverage in terms of hits and viewership which leads to popularity and increase in the business scales for an enterprise or an organization. A web site today has to be easily viewable on the mobile because that is what will lead to business being generated for an organization. Many a times it happens that the information is available but, it’s not properly formatted to fit the size of the mobile screen and hence at times the page viewing becomes very inconvenient which leads to the viewer developing a bad image of the company and its web site.

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