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Now, bad mobile sites on Google’s radar: New ranking update
Saturday, June 15, 2013    4:54 pm

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On May 22, 2013, the distinguished engineer of Google, Matt Cutts announced implementation of Penguin 2.0. Now the Google is turning its head on websites which are not mobile-friendly. So beware if you don’t have mobile-friendly websites, then your search engine ranking may suffer in future.  On Google Webmaster Central Blog, Google has issued warning about plan to roll out several changes in ranking regarding sites that are misconfigured for Smartphone users in near future.

Avoid following things according to Google

Avoid unplayable videos on Smartphones. Many times, videos are not playable on mobile devices; this can be due to needed software or device capabilities which are unsupported by Smartphones.

Avoid faulty redirects. Faulty redirect happens when a desktop page redirects Smartphone users to an irrelevant page, even though the website is Smartphone-optimized.  Don’t redirect Smartphone users to an irrelevant page.

Avoid Smartphone only errors. Many a times, a desktop user is able to access content on a particular URL. But Smartphone users get 404 errors for same URL.

What is suggested by Google?

Google has advised to properly configure mobile sites. Undergo testing for your site on different mobile devices and operating systems or their emulators.

Google has stressed on to enhance the loading speed of mobile-friendly websites. It has been advised to make the mobile web faster.

Google has recommended responsive web design; like serving the same HTML for all devices and usage of CSS media only. Instead of responsive web design, Google has advocated to serve content using different HTML. It can be on same or different URL.

The most important thing which Google intends you to do is to make users of mobile web, happy and satisfied. If not, then face penalty. It is high time to embrace responsive technology.

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