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Online Direct Peer to Peer Communication
Saturday, September 29, 2012    6:16 am

The internet consortium is no longer the traditional online platform that has a lot of loop holes.  Communication has found its way into website which is why standard web sites are designed. And because of this development, direct peer to peer communication has become a feature that has eliminated the use of centralized websites servers for this purpose. In our world today, some tyrannical governments are hovering over the communication of some members of their society. And because of this communication has been restricted because of fear of been caught. With these communications in the website, governments have been dealt a fatal blow by developers. The reason for this communication that would be done through the internet is to make the web a platform for better communication.  A lot of researches has been performed lately all towards making communication easier for people online.  The use of video and audio online has helped in taking care of communication of websites. The interface that this direct peer to peer communication comes with makes user to embrace the technology.  Real time communication has become an application that has changed the way web sites are. Anyone can find that fulfillment that comes through communication with the introduction of this communication application.


With direct peer to peer communication online, law enforcement and even criminals have device a means of intercepting the information that comes with web communication. It does not matter how encrypted communication is with these men and women because they have developed software that would make interception very easy.  The problem that comes with sniffing has not been stopped with this technology of web communication.  And for those who believe that government would not be able to handle deep packet inspection when it comes to taking care of web communication, they are dreaming. This is because governments and agencies would still block any site that is encrypted with direct peer to peer communication. Secure Sockets Layer Web that is called SSL can be used in blocking a web site that is into communication online. The reason for the introduction of these technologies that would help communication is easier is because direct peer to peer communication in important. Web communication has become digitalized with the various technologies from developers and web designers. This is the reason why website browsing and usage has become very effective and efficient. However, it is only few people that understand how this works.

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