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Online presence without a website
Wednesday, February 22, 2012    3:52 pm

In today’s world it is being considered one of the most important things for a business to have some sort of online presence. The truth is that the advantages far out way the disadvantages. In a lot of cases after hearing how a website can simply introduce their service to millions of potential customers a lot of businesses have already made that faithful leap online. 

The truth is a lot of smaller firms or businesses that are not currently doing so well take a step back and look more into the disadvantages rather than the advantages. These are things such as website design costs (Which tend to be more if you want a custom website design for your company), web hosting fees and of course maintenance charges. With that in mind, here is a tip on how to have an online presence without the need of an actual website and the website design processes that go with it.


Much like the yellow pages, there are hundreds of online directories that people often use to find products or services in their local area, one of course being Submitting your company to such directories is a great way to get recognised through online searches and still benefit from some of the potential clients the web has to offer. In most cases it is free although there are services that will make the process a lot faster and easier at a small charge. Online Directories are definitely worth looking into whether you would like to set up your own company website or not.

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