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OpenCart Vs Prestashop: Which is better?
Tuesday, May 28, 2013    7:35 am

OpenCart and Prestashop are powerful open-source platforms for e-commerce development.  If you are thinking about building an e-commerce website and confused between OpenCart and Prestashop, then we can help you in this quest of finding answer for which is better; OpenCart or Prestashop. When we discussed this question in different forums, we got backing for OpenCart as well as Prestashop. Apparently, from the discussion we found that OpenCart scores an upper edge over Prestashop.


Let us find and analyze the features.


  • It is easier to work.  With OpenCart, it becomes easy to navigate with its instinctive backend.

  • OpenCart coders can modify the code without difficulty.

  • With VQmod, you don’t have to modify your core code for adding extensions.

  • Extensions are lot more affordable than on Prestashop’s website. It depends how much dollar you want o spend. Most of people prefer OpenCart because they can get a nice online store without spending many dollars.

  • Store administration is user-friendly but some things like decisions on designing can puzzle you.

  • It has clean and efficient source code. It is simple to configure.

  • It is good for all kinds of websites ranging from small to large businesses.

  • An array of online documents, records and communities are available.

  • It is easy to customize than Prestashop.



  • It is difficult to navigate with Prestashop’s backend.

  • Here, coding part is difficult.  If you think your Prestashop coders are well-trained and experts, then it would not be a problem for you. It depends upon your code mechanic ability.

  • Extensions and plug-ins are very expensive.

  • You can control your store on your own as it doesn’t require special technical skills.

  • Communication is good; Prestashop has a whole bunch of employees who communicate with customers. They also hold annual conferences for their users in France.

  • Future of mobile commerce is good with Prestashop; there is a buzz about their future plans for mobile commerce.

  • It offers advanced support for product variations.

  • WebService API exists in the source code.

  • Prestashop is best for small or medium businesses.

In the end, we can say there is no significant difference in both these platforms. If you are confused about selecting one, then we will suggest you to go by your web developer’s expertise and skills. Depending upon your web developer’s experience in OpenCart or Prestashop, you can choose it.

By: admin