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How to add custom frame to NextGen Gallery Slider
Saturday, March 9, 2013    7:02 pm

If you are a Website Developer, and have been working on WordPress you must have faced an issue of adding a custom frame around NextGen gallery plugin. Most of developers when working on NextGen sliding gallery want to change the way big image shows up. Readmore…

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Ranking High on Search Engine
Monday, March 4, 2013    4:47 pm

When you visit the popular search engines like Yahoo and Google, there are websites that are stamping their feet on their pages. These websites did not see themselves there by chance or because they have the best contents online. The only difference that they made to be there was using buy website traffic for their sites. They spent time and money in making sure that their websites are popular. This would give them the edge they need in promoting their goods and services. And because they are exceptional in their traffic generation, the huge crowd of viewers or visitors would always come to them often. If there are eCommerce websites, they see their profits and sales increasing even while they sleep with Web SEO Techniques. The secret is in the way they generate traffic for their websites. And for those who would want except contents and information, these top websites on search engines have what they desire. Readmore…

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Removing strange character  from HTML file
Thursday, February 28, 2013    9:37 am

When I was working in HTML I found some strange characters like  appearing in my output. Then after searching on internet, I found out the proper solution which I am sharing with you.


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Removing white border around the page in WordPress
Wednesday, February 27, 2013    8:16 am

When I was working in WordPress I came across this serious issue of white border around my Home page. Then I found a great solution to overcome it. And that is why I am sharing it with you.

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Lucrative Business in traffic Generation
Monday, February 25, 2013    3:15 pm

Building traffic for websites has become a lucrative business. This is because a lot of websites cannot rank high without traffic generation. How do you generate traffic on websites? The first thing to do when you want to improve your traffic of your site is your website design. The design of a website is important because that is what would attract a person to your site first before the content. A website that is not familiar or friendly to a user may not be what a user would love to visit. The reason why web owners take their time in design their websites is because they want in Building traffic. The use of buy website traffic for generating profit is amazing.  However, without a great website it would not be excellent for the user and guests. The cost of doing this is affordable compared to the benefit that is gotten from it. Readmore…

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