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How to use G+ for comments on website or WordPress blog
Wednesday, June 19, 2013    3:06 pm

Google recently launched Google+ commenting system for bloggers. This commenting system also highlights social communications made on Google Plus. In this article, we will tell you how to add Google plus comments in your website/blog, for instanceWordPress website. We will also discuss the utility of G+ comments. Reaction to your action is always liked by human beings. Similarly, who will not like comments and responses to your blog, in which you shared your thoughts?


How to add G+ comments in your blog? Readmore…

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook comment
Wednesday, June 19, 2013    6:05 am

There is a lot of debate about Facebook on internet. Some people say it is good, while some says it is bad for internet world. Many blogs and websites have integrated Facebook comment box to allow Facebook comments on their website. Today, we will try to carve out advantages and disadvantages of Facebook comments through this article. If you are thinking about using Facebook comments for your blog, then this article will be helpful to take your decision.

Let us discuss advantages first Readmore…

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Common WordPress mistakes to avoid
Tuesday, June 18, 2013    5:31 pm

It is a common belief that man learns from his own mistakes. Indeed, it is true. But while creating a WordPress websites, you cannot afford a mistake. WordPress is most commonly used for building blogs, and blogs are a form of social media. Nobody commits mistakes by themselves, occurrence of mistakes is natural. In this article, we will enlighten you about the most common blunders which web developers commit while creating WordPress blogs. It is good, if you learn from your own mistakes but you can create a flawless website, if you learn from others’ mistakes. So, here is a list of most common mistakes which you should avoid. Readmore…

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Why Joomla is best CMS?
Tuesday, June 18, 2013    5:10 pm

While creating a new website, lots of elements are crucial. But how to choose the right CMS is a difficult question. This decision cannot be taken lightly. Cost, quality, control etc; matters a lot.

Today, we will talk about Joomla. Millions of web developers use Joomla around the world. It is the most favorite platform for them that meet all their demands. Joomla is an award winning CMS and it undergoes continuous up gradations. There are numerous reasons to like, love and admire Joomla. We will frame out some influential reasons today. Readmore…

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How to make your website mobile-friendly
Tuesday, June 18, 2013    4:57 pm

Mobile-friendly website is the need of the hour. There are numerous reasons to have a mobile-friendly website. Most importantly, more and more people browse web on their mobile devices. Secondly, Google is gearing up to punish the websites that are not mobile-friendly. If your e-commerce website is mobile-friendly, then there are very high chances that your visitors will turn into customers. A survey says, 70% people buy the products or use services of mobile-friendly websites, while 65% people quickly move to other site if they are unable to view what they are looking for in a bad mobile site. Readmore…

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