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How to measure traffic to your website
Thursday, September 13, 2012    6:01 am

Do you how to measure traffic to your website? A lot of websites have been Google slapped because they fail to meet the SERP ranking. It is one thing to put the necessary traffic features to websites and another thing for the features to work. With the use of offpage optimization that include healthy backlink, blog posting, forum posting, and writing articles and lots more can help in making your website increase spiders crawling your website. It is not only making use of the proper keywords that would give spiders the opportunity to search your website to understand how to measure traffic to your website.   Readmore…

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Monday, September 10, 2012    4:37 am

Designing websites is no longer a difficult task because anyone can do this.  Search engine should be friendly to your website if it must be seen by others. This is the challenge that comes with designing a website. Are spiders crawling your website? If a website is poorly developed, it would be difficult for spiders of search engines to crawl the site.  In the beginning, most websites do not need a lot of procedures for them to show up on search engines because of the less complex sites then. However, there is lots of advancement in the web design which has made it possible for websites to be seen. Readmore…

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New Innovation for Web Designs
Friday, September 7, 2012    7:53 am

The reason we create websites is because we want to be known with our products and services. There is no website that was not designed to gain attraction like a lady who wants to be courted by the high and mighty of the society during a ballroom dance. And because of this attention, we should always make use of the most advanced and the latest technology that the mind can think off.  We would be talking of the various new innovations on web designs that anyone can make use of starting with the attractive and responsive web design.  Readmore…

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Latest News on Web Designs
Wednesday, September 5, 2012    7:22 am

In 2012, we have seen a sudden boom in the use of the latest technology in web design because of the demand for websites that are different from others.  The main reason for designing website is for a visitor to fully understand what is been advertised by the web site with a seconds. The era when graphics and header text were used to generate traffic has come and is going out of fashion because of web pages that appears like landing pages. The use of these landing pages is clean and simple to understand yet complex in beauty and features. Readmore…

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How Infographics has Transformed Web Design
Monday, September 3, 2012    10:17 am

In our World Wide Web, there are lots of technological advancement that are taking place minute after minute. The internet has become a place for web designers to exercise their creativity with the type of website they design with applications and features.  Making use of newer web site features like infographics is what is in vogue today. The use of this graphic representation of data and information has made it possible for information online to be made entertaining and enlightening for visitors.  This feature that is built in web design can help people make reference to when they see the function and can be sharable.  Animated websites do not begin today but the latest features and applications that have become available have made websites look better with high image quality of graphics. Readmore…

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