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Prices with different in web design firms
Tuesday, January 31, 2012    5:47 am

Knowing your budget is something which is very important when it comes down to selecting the right website design firm for you. When you look around at some of the most reputable companies you will quickly recognize that there is actually no set pricing structure when it comes down to building a website. Different website design firms charge various different amounts for a number of different things. Prices often range from $50 to $500 with no real insight as to why.

This is why you must have a good conversation with a representative of the firm before you sign any agreements or hand over any money. The truth is that some firms do not include some of the charges in with the initial price and this is where they make money from you at a later date. A firm offering complete website design and maintenance may ask for $400 but at least you know any maintenance you want in the future is free of other charge. Other firms will have an initial price of $100 and charge you a $50 fee every time you want something on the website changing. Be sure to check out the contract carefully and ask about any fees that might later apply to your website.

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