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Security Measures for Websites
Saturday, October 6, 2012    11:03 am

Security is one important feature of a web design that has become an important issue. The reason for this is because of the crimes that are committed online. There are various security considerations that are taken when developing websites. The encryption and data entry error checking that would be done through forms and filtering output are some of the considerations before a website can be built.  SQL injection can be a malicious practice that any hacker can use in destroying a website by hacking into it.  Information like credit card numbers, passwords and email addresses can be hacked if a website is not fully protected. This is why eCommerce websites are not taking it for granted with the security of their sites. Security considerations for a website design have to do with the server that is used. The scripting language of a computer language like ASP, Python, Perl and PHP can be done on Microsoft IIS or Apache for security to be handled.  However, no matter how secured a website seem to be built, it should be tested severally online so that there would be no mistake. There is lots of advancement in the design of websites when it comes to security maintenance. With training that has been provided for those who are into maintaining security on websites, developers have been able to come out with better security measures for websites.

Server port hardening is the technology that is helping in safe guarding a website from intrusion.  A website like a commercial web store that is always hacked would have problem with keeping its customers to their sites. Security considerations can begin with secure socket layer encryption.  There is a certification that is given by authorized bodies to prevent online frauds. And with the encryption that is designed on web transmitting and storing information that are sensitive online, websites can now be safe. The knowledge of information technology in security considerations would help a web designer get the best secured server online. This is why it is important that a website is designed by an expert.  These experts have been trained to make web design great with no intrusion by hackers. And with these considerations that are about security on webs designs, any web designer would have security taken care of.  The cost of doing this is what can be negotiated with a web developer or designer before a website is build.

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