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Thursday, September 29, 2011    5:45 am

The Online internet marketing will become a success from the creation of the optimized web sites. Therefore Search engine optimization of the web site have become a very important factor.  The search engine optimization means to increase your ranking among the search engine browsers. The SEO tools are thus important for the generation of the search engine optimized web sites.

There are plenty of search engine optimized tools that can be found in the internet.  We will discuss some of the most and commonly used SEO tools that are used by the expert and professional web designers.

Google Analytics

There are many important parameters to measure the traffic to your web site such as the page views, pages viewed per visit or the average time spent per visit. All these parameters are easily measured using this tool. The keyword and the content performance are also noted from this tool.  Therefore it is very apt that you select those keywords that the people will usually search for. A list of the best keyword can attract a good amount of people in to your web site.


This software not only tracks the traffic and the keywords but detects the errors as well. It in fact gives the users the information on the popularity of the website that is present in the most familiar search engines such as the Google and the Yahoo.

SEO Logs

This tool helps the websites in the optimization of the keywords and also checks out the level of the difficulty fro the keywords to rank in the search engines.


This tool helps in actually predicting out of how these websites would rank in the search engine such as the Google.  There are also other features such as the measurement of the time for the site to load. The SEO tools are in fact very helpful in getting a clear idea of how really good the website is search engine optimized.

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