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SEO with WordPress
Monday, February 20, 2012    6:19 am

For any website design SEO is simply another task that stands in the way between them and the top spots in the search engines. Whilst there are many firms or contractors that you can hire to take care of your search engine optimization for you, most of the time these solutions are too expensive unless you are a well-established and wealthy web design firm.

Fortunately for those who cannot afford to outsource their search engine optimization there are a huge range of plug-ins now available for popular content management system WordPress. These are very simple to use and have various tutorials on how to optimize them to get the absolute best results.

The plug-ins come to tackle different things such as friendly URLs, on page SEO checkers, Ad placers and all-in-one SEO packages.

These packages all have the ability to help your website with its SEO with a minimal amount of input from your website designer. They can take care of your entire internal SEO however unfortunately cannot help with backlinking campaigns or anything that happens externally to your WordPress site.

One of the more preferred SEO tools for WordPress is the plug-in all-in-one SEO which is free to all. It is easier to install and it is even recommended for sites that are not trying to compete in the search rankings.

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