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Should I give my password to web developer?
Friday, May 17, 2013    12:10 pm

Many times, the situation arises when your website developer needs your accounts details like user name or password. A developer needs accounts details of your cPanel (Control Panel) so that your site can be created or edited. E.g. your developer may need these details in case he/she wants to set up a ‘purchase’ button on your site. At such times, you feel uncomfortable giving all these details.

If you give your password to web developer, then you get worried about your Account Management Panel (AMP) password. cPanel password and your AMP password are same by default. If you want to give your web developer access to cPanel only, then the perfect option is to change your cPanel password. Give your web developer, user name and password of your new cPanel. Due to this, the web developer will have access to cPanel account but not AMP.

If you don’t know how to change password, then read this about how to change your cPanel password.

This will help you on how to change your contact email and cPanel password.

1) First step is to click on “Please update your contact information here”.

Please note: We recommend you to use an off-site address, so that if the server ever has connectivity problems, you can be contacted on this working address.

2) Now click on ‘Change password’

3) For changing password, first enter your old password and then new password.

Please note: We recommend you to make sure that your new password has 6-8 alpha-numeric characters and don’t use your username in password.

4) You will get success confirmation that your password has been changed. Remember that your new password applies to FTP access and cPanel access.

You will never want web developer to access your personal information. This can be ensured if you have a business account. You can add a user to this and opt for what kind of permissions you want to give.

For example your web developer wants to add a ‘purchase’ button and you are afraid that he/she can do something worse with important information in your PayPal account. To let web developer create buttons you can select API Activation and Authorization under Integration. If you want to add a user in your PayPal account, you can do so by clicking on “My settings” under your profile. Then select ‘manage users’ and click on ‘add user’ and save the settings. By doing this, your developer can do the changes on your site with the username and password given by you while you can put your e-mail address and password on PayPal homepage.

Points to be noted at a glance

Keep back-up of your data like database, files, host settings etc before you give access to anyone. Don’t forget to change all passwords after completion of projects.

Always remember only give as much as necessary information to web developer as needed. You can remove their access if access is not needed anymore. This can be done by changing password.

Safety about your information and account details is as simple as ‘ABC’ Always Be Careful.

By: admin