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Terrific techniques to design a good website
Saturday, May 4, 2013    2:17 pm

A website is the mirror which highlights your company, products and services. All of you must be aware about this fact about food, while seeing food; people first taste it with eyes then by taste buds. Presentation is the most important factor to stay in healthy competition nowadays. Your website is the means to communicate and talk with the potential users. In the crowd of huge number of websites, a website which stands tall and unique attracts users. A user can navigate away from your website if it is not attractive and well-organized.

If you are thinking of creating your own website, then keep in mind following dos and don’ts while website designing to shine in the web world.

  • Before designing a website, think about your purpose of designing a website and concept behind it.
  • A good website must be able to appeal the visitor and fetch his attention. You have few seconds to show your caliber. Within these few seconds, you should be able to draw attention of your visitor and stop him from moving to other website.
  • Stick to the adage, “First impression is the last impression”. Design an appealing and organized website. A visitor must get all information with good design on your home page. You should know where to place photos, font size of text and where to keep white space. If you have a large typography in welcome text with large photos and an engaging type of question, then it will do wonders. White space around specific item will capture visitors’ attention.
  • Your website should be user-friendly and search engine-friendly. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can make a website, but the best Websites designer is the one who thinks about each and every aspect of a website. Just think that if a visitor comes to website and sees amazing design and graphics but, is not able to find the link for ‘Contact us’ page. It would be a failure of designer if such situation arises. Always design a website with easy navigation and non-confusing designs. A website is successful if it is recognized by search engines, so design a website which can be easily found on search engines.
  • Provide your users with ample amount of information, easy tools and supportive links. You should be capable to propel user towards every page, product and service of your website.
  • Your website should be perfect blend of color, graphics, images, content and layout. Use mind-boggling color combination which goes well with your theme. Design website with simplicity and grace. You should have an eye to decide positioning. You should know what element should be placed in which position, so that it has impact on users? Always use contrast colors. You should be able to decide the size of particular element. With big or small size, that particular element can stand out.
  • Code should be well-written to manage and update your website with easiness and speed.
  • Nowadays, users not only use desktops or laptops but also use mobiles, tablets. So always keep this in mind while designing a website.
  • Check with others regarding your design. Other people like clients, developers can give a valuable input. Who knows some of the latest technical solutions can boost your website design.



  • Always keep in mind to bring lightweight components to your website. Many designers do not consider the weight of a website. If your website takes long time to load, then the visitors will move to your competitor’s website.
  • Always avoid providing poor navigation to your website while designing. If visitors find it difficult to get around your website, they will simply find another website.
  • Mention your company’s name or logo on each page of your website so that visitors don’t get confused about where they have landed.
  • Try to avoid long pages. Visitors don’t have enough time and patience to scroll down. So, while working on website designing keep this fact in mind.
  • As people don’t have enough patience, try to avoid slow download times.
  • Don’t include too many ads on your website. We agree that it offers great revenue but, if you are thinking about visitors, then they don’t land on your website to see ads.
  • Never fail to update information in web design.
  • Media files such as pictures should not take much loading time, as there are people who access website through mobile. If pictures take much loading time, these users will not be interested in going through your website.


Hopefully, the above Dos and Don’ts will help budding website designers and others to design a right website with all value additions. At last, one thing should be kept in mind, always keep faith on your work and be proud of it.

By: admin