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The Disadvantages of hiring an in house web designer
Friday, December 30, 2011    5:02 am

There is becoming a point in time where almost every functioning business out there is realising the importance of having an online presence. Now some of them simply set a task for some of the current IT employees to sit down and design their website and simply stick with the final product. Others look at hiring a professional; the two main ways this is usually done is by hiring an internal web design professional, or outsourcing a web design firm. In this post we will look at the disadvantages of hiring an in house web designer.

Now there’s nothing saying that an in house web design will produce a website that is of lower quality than that produced by an outside firm. The great thing about external firms is that they will have a many different employees which will give you a great amount of conjoined experience between them. With your in house employee you only have 1 person, with their ideas and their own experience.

Next is the price. Hiring another employee to join your team of employees is something that is going to cost you X amount of cash for years to come and the chances are this will be in the tens of thousands. An outsourcing company will only ask for a one off payment of a few hundred dollars and in the end you have the same final product and extra support if needed.

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