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The future of website design
Monday, January 9, 2012    5:06 am

Many people see the internet as something that is going to leave its mark is the past, present and the future. Since the primary days of websites, website design has always been one of the major services that has been able to sell thanks to the internet and as many see it being as effective in the future as it is now, it certainly isn’t going to go anywhere soon.

With that said, it is hard to determine exactly how website design will stand in 100 years times. Technology is always increasing and with developers getting better at creating diverse web applications every day it seems that the whole process could at some point be automated.

Another common prediction of the future of website design is that technologies like flash will become more available and allow a lot more creativity with website design. Although in some cases this isn’t needed such as corporate website design. However this does still add more customizable features to each website on the internet without moving to a complete flash platform. For now people will have to eagerly await the next HTML updates to see what is actually being developed at this moment in time.

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