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The importance of PHP for a WordPress developer
Tuesday, January 31, 2012    5:44 am

The choice to become a WordPress developer is something which not only brings in a huge responsibility with your clients custom website design, but possibly a very nice pay check at the end of the month. WordPress is a very popular tool, with it being said that a third of all new websites on the internet run the WordPress content management system. Now imagine if you had a third of the internet paying you to design their website for them.

Now being a WordPress developer does not only require you to have good graphics skills for the actual design, you will also need some sort of PHP programming skills to enable you to make the website function as your client wants it. There is already a lot of plugins available for WordPress however some will still want things changing or customizing to be unique to them. For this reason it is very important that a WordPress developer knows and can use PHP programming.

If you are currently non fluent with PHP there are plenty of tutorials available on the internet, including full web systems that you can build to really maximize your training experience.

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