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The role of a developer in website design
Wednesday, February 8, 2012    7:08 am

Although some people think that you must be specialised in graphics to gain a good career in the website design industry, there is also a huge area for developers as well. The truth is functionality is a huge part of website design, particularly in the way the navigation works and how certain areas of the website are displayed for example. With that said it is safe to say that the two areas go together hand in hand; however it can be tricky for one individual to master both areas on their own.

A developer’s role in the website design is quite simple and down to their nature, they must develop the back end of the system to work with the actual design and ensure it works as initially planned. Part of the website design process is to make the website work as intended and whether it is right or not will more than likely be decided upon by the client. This means having a qualified and skilled website developer just as important as a website designer in any established web design firm.

It is recommended that website functionality is well planned, designed and thoroughly tested before the launch of any website, no matter who has developed or designed it.

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