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Monday, May 9, 2011    7:53 am

In 2001, the computer software company Microsoft popularized a new concept called the tablet personal computer (tablet PC), a wireless flat panel portable powerful personal computer with a touch screen. Today’s tablet PC can run on Microsoft and other software operating systems. The first tablet PC idealized was mentioned by Alan Kay from Xerox in 1971. The Newton from Apple was the first to be available in the retail market in 1991 but didn’t make an impact as the present day tablet PC.

Common Features

Many companies have produced the tablet PC like to name a few Acer, Compaq and Toshiba. They each offer various competitive features but the following can be commonly found:

  • Touch screen for input
  • Stylus or digital pen
  • Standard 12” screen
  • Resolution of 1280×800 pixels
  • Virtual keyboard
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Voice recognition
  • Wireless internet and LAN adapter

Available in the market are three forms of tablet PCs which are slate, convertible and hybrid. The slate styled tablet PC looks like its cousin the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). The convertible styled tablet PC looks like a laptop computer with its clamshell design. The hybrid tablet PC can be used as a tablet, laptop or desktop PC.

The Ideal Tablet PC User

The ideal consumer for the tablet PC is someone who requires mobility that comes in a lighter form than the available models of laptop PCs. A business traveler would enjoy the fact that the tablet PC is easy to carry. Any surface can allow the use of a tablet PC as it is flat shaped like a writing pad. The user can write on the tablet PC without the hustle of ink pens and paper, this can be brilliant for taking notes on taking down minutes during a busy meeting.  Most functions found on a regular PC are available on the tablet PC such as watching movies, listening to music, using office applications and browsing the web. The market is still new and more applications will be made available to the tablet PC user though loading this PC with many applications may be too much for its low powered hardware.

The Future of the Tablet PC

Technological advances have brought the first computer which has evolved into all forms of personal computers like the tablet PC. Like the telephone which evolved into the mobile or cellular phone, the direction has steered towards a more compact, lighter and easier to carry apparatus.

The tablet PC is looking at developing better battery life so that users can operate it for longer periods of time without worrying about charging it. Making the tablet PC touch screen more adaptable to writing would replace it in lecture halls or classrooms all over the world. Manufacturers of the tablet PC are looking to make improvements on screen viewing angles, outdoor visibility, microphones, faster processors, fingerprint recognition and better wireless adaptability.

The tablet PC will become more available mainstream as the manufacturers look for more and better ways for it to functionally serve the market.

By: admin