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The Various Uses of the Internet
Tuesday, March 22, 2011    6:45 am

The Internet is defined as a network consisting of millions of private, public, social, academic, business and government networks and information, of global and local scope, linked by electronic, wireless and optical networking technologies. It provides a wide range of information resources and services in form of documents, electronic mail and infrastructure to support all these services.

The Internet offers very many uses and services. Among these uses are – the Email; Information provision; Education, Business, Shopping, Entertainment, Networking both on a social and business level, etc.

Almost everyone today has an email address or multiple email addresses which are used for both private and business matters. This has been made most simple by the fact that most service providers offer free service and it is very easy to create accounts and use them to contact anyone around the globe and get feedback within a matter of minutes.

The Internet has made it easy to access required information very fast, as they are very reliable sources of all kinds of information be it business related, scientific, technical, entertainment, personal, etc.

Businesses have really improved and grown courtesy of the Internet because buyers and sellers can now connect and communicate easily on a virtual platform. Businesses and individuals save lots of time and money hence the reason business via the Internet is thriving in the 21st Century.

Online shopping is also doing very well thanks to the Internet which is accessible by anyone in the world. Shopping from the comfort of ones home is the best alternative as it saves time and effort of having to visit stores physically. Business men and women also market and sell their products and services to a larger number of consumers located all over the world though the internet, hence affording them a wider reach and cheaper business operations.

Entertainment is also a huge success over the Internet, what with availability of games, films, music, fashion etc on the Web.  This allows all age groups and all personalities to find their kind of entertainment just by connecting on the Internet, which again is cheaper compared to looking for entertainment physically.

Education and training are also other valuable uses of the Internet, what with virtual and online universities and colleges and availability of online tutors, as well as educational material that is easily accessible on the Web for those doing research on various topics, or even those that need supplementary reading materials.


The above highlighted popular uses of the Internet have contributed immensely to the advancement of technology and society, as well as improved the quality and impact of globalization. People of different cultures and locations share their different perspectives and convictions through ‘chat’ and web postings. This is a key means of learning about different cultures and viewpoints without having to travel or mixing physically with the people.

It can therefore be concluded that it has proved to be a very reliable source of information and it has promoted a more efficient lifestyle; as it provides and facilitates many everyday tasks, that would normally take ages to complete, e.g. communicating through letters, using the old stereos, have to visit stores physically in order to shop, having to attend colleges physically with all the expenses and time involved and many more.

By: admin