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Things to consider when having a website designed
Monday, January 9, 2012    5:09 am


The price is probably the first thing you are going to take into account if you are having a website designed for your company. The truth is depending on the website designer you ask you will get a huge different range of quotes which vary in price heavily. The best thing to do here is follow the old saying “you get what you pay for” but also view portfolios to review the quality so you don’t end up paying thousands and getting ripped off.

Delivery Time

In most cases a company will be looking to get their business on the internet as fast as possible. This means they don’t want an extra-long process which is going to slow them down by months or years. Like with a price tag, the website design delivery time will differ from vendor to vendor. Try to make sure that a contract is signed stating that your website is going to be ready for the day you need it. If you don’t remember to keep checking up on this you could end up out of pocket and with no online presence.

Domains & Hosting

Does a domain name and hosting package come with your website is something else you will probably want to answer. If the answer is yes it will save you up to a few hundred dollars each year, mounting up to thousands in the long run.

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