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Tools a WordPress developer might need
Saturday, January 21, 2012    1:19 pm

If you are someone you know is looking to become a well-established WordPress developer then there are certain things you might need. Web design isn’t as simply as some may think and it is actually a lengthy process that should be done very careful. The main categories of tools you are going to require is a graphics program, some sort of web scripting program and a web browser for testing.

Graphics programs

Some of the most popular graphics programs for WordPress development are Adobe Photoshop, Paint shop pro and GIMP. These programs all have their own advantages and can all be used to create good web graphics.

Web programming programs

There are various programs out there which have been developed to enhance the web scripting experience. There are tools which are a visual representation along with the text editors such as Dreamweaver, or text editors created for development purposes like Textpad++.

Web Browsers

Every machine comes with a web browser as standard such as Internet Explorer. There are various plugins you can use to evaluate your website, however it is recommended you get all 3 popular browsers (IE, Firefox and Chrome) as sometimes sites are incompatible.

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