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Top website designing trends of 2013
Wednesday, June 12, 2013    3:15 pm

We are exactly in the middle of year 2013. With the bygone months, we can understand the new web designing trends which are making buzz among the web designers. If you are thinking about website redesigning and want to instill latest developments and innovations into your existing website, then here is a list of major website designing trends which you must follow.

Era of responsive web design

Nowadays, while designing a website, website designers must think about the responsive web design.  A large number of users use mobile devices for surfing internet. If you don’t use responsive design, then you will certainly dishearten these users.

Content-centric design

Content is the most important part of your website. It should be presented in a well manner. You should create interactive, informative and multi-platform content for users.

Enlarge typography

Full screen typography is making buzz. Various components, Javascript and HTML were the much talked about things till now. But typography and layouts based on content is the new innovation. You can add an eye catchy typographic slogan to your welcome page.

Minimalistic design

Users don’t really like unnecessary features, textures etc in a website. They want to focus on what really matters to them and useful for them. You can give a very classic and clean look to your design by keeping certain amount of white space and minimalistic design.

Big picture background

A good quality large photo certainly demonstrates what your business, services and products are. It catches attention of users within a second. Thumbnails are now replaced by large size images. It enhances visibility and experience of users.

Social media expansion

Social media has already dominated web world. Sharing, tweeting, commenting, liking are already in existence. New social signals like Instagram, Pinterest etc are most happening at the moment.

UX-centered design

Simple design and efficient user experience is the need of hour. User experience is most important element.

Flash is gone

Flash is certainly not in demand due to its complexity and availability of tools like HTML5/CSS3 etc.

New colors

Lots of websites are adopting new color schemes. Flat colors are in trend. It serves the need of users and gives a visual treat to their eyes.

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