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Wednesday, March 9, 2011    6:42 am

Like everything concerning technology, web designing too has to move with the times and technology. Successful web design demands keeping at par with changes in trends and inventions in order to keep satisfying clients and make the websites appealing to the markets.

The most important this year being HTML5 and CSS3 which makes it easier to design websites and link them to social sites which now are a way of life. HTML5 especially will be very prominent since it has he functionality of Flash without the incompatibility issues. These two allows designers to use more fonts without affecting SEO which has been a serious typography issue in the past.

Size is now being a focus on a serious scale, with the affordability of larger screens and increased use of mobile phones, designers are now working a lot on both increase of screen size and designing for very small screens like those of mobile phones. With larger screens, larger header will now be possible where more information can be placed.

Increase in depth is now the trend even though it is still far from 3D; designers are working on making graphics appear as real as possible. This will encourage more 3D movies and games.

Designers now need to concentrate more o fingertip navigation since touch screen phones and monitors are now evidently popular. Enough space should be left for the finger to select links making the experience with these new technologies unforgettable.

Single page websites are going to be the trend since larger screens are available, this will make the websites more user friendly with all the information in one page. Designers are now giving time to smart phones which have many features like when you take a picture of a barcode with them you are automatically directed to a website.

Technology is changing every second and keeping up with it is the only way to survive in this sector. Designs are making the web experience more humane, aesthetic and interactive. To sum this up, web design is getting better and more interesting by the day, the appealing look of the website is now the norm but not cramming graphics and icons into a web page, this makes the visitor focus more on the content than on the website itself which, if is unappealing, will send away the visitor.

As days go by, web design is improving drastically and becoming more interesting and welcoming to visitors, at this rate more and more graphics and video will be in play to attract visitors to websites.

By: admin