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Tutorial Explaining How To Add Slider in WordPress Website
Tuesday, April 9, 2013    11:51 am

Sliders are an excellent way to organize and highlight important content on a site. They can also be used to display a good amount of content within a limited amount of screen. This article is about how to add slider in your WordPress Website.

To Do This You Have To follow The Following Procedure.

Step 1 : Open an admin panel by writing and log in using the admin panel details.

Step 2 : To the left side of the admin panel click on Plugins > Add new

Step 3 : Type Easing Slider Lite In the Search Box, hit enter and install very first plugin (Easing Slider Lite)

Step 4 : Activate The Plugin.

Step 5 : Now Again to the left side of the admin panel, you will see a new tab added named as slideshow click on it.

step 6 : Click on it and the slider section will open. On this screen lot of customizing options like (Manage Slides, Dimensions, Transitions, Next & Previous Arrow, Pagination Icon, Automation Playback) are available.

Step 6.1 : Manage Slides Option is for add or Delete images.

You Can Add The Multiple image by just clicking on Add Image > upload file >insert into slideshow as well as you can delete any images by just select the image and click on delete image.

Step 6.2 : Dimensions tab is used to set width and height for a slider.

step 6.3 :  Transitions tab used to set the effect (slide images,Fade images) with the duration of effect.

step 6.4 : Next & Previous Arrow tab is used for to decide the arrow position and arrow type.

step 6.5 : Pagination Icon tab is used to display pagination type, position etc according to images.

step 6.6 : The Last Automation Playback tab is used to set playback of the slideshow(Enable or Disable)

Step 7 : When  settings are completed you need to add a single line of short code in the page where you want to display the slideshow code is as follow

In a post/page: Simply insert the shortcode below into the post/page to display the slideshow:


Function in template files (via php): To insert the slideshow into your theme, add the following code to the appropriate theme file:

<?php if ( function_exists( "easingsliderlite" ) ) { easingsliderlite(); } ?>

To understand it better you can watch the Video here : 

By: admin