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Using a CMS to Design an eCommerce Website
Thursday, December 29, 2011    5:17 am

Using a content management system can make the design of an eCommerce website significantly easier than originally expected. The truth is the back end coding of an eCommerce website is usually the hardest part of setting one up, and more often than not businesses want a website that is very simple, user friendly and doesn’t look too hard or complicated to use on the outside.

By using a content management and some premium eCommerce plugins you can have the entire back end of a system working in minutes allowing you to focus more on the actual exterior design. CMS also come with a handful of themes which if needed can be customized to fit your special needs. As they are design using cascading style sheets you can easily manipulate the images already used for the theme and put them into a copy of the original CSS so you can test out your new design before use.

Once you are happy with the new style sheet you can easily change the setting of your CMS website to use this new style instead of the old one, making the eCommerce website design process easier than ever.

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