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Using a web design firm offering website maintenance
Wednesday, February 8, 2012    7:09 am

Does your web design firm offer prolonged website maintenance and updates? This is a question that anyone who is outsourcing their website design should ask, particularly when trusting a third party vendor. So why exactly should you choose a web design firm that include website maintenance?

The first thing you should know is that if you do not have a contract including maintenance for your website you can expect some heavy bills coming your way. The chances are if this has happened you chose the provider because of their cheap prices, but this is where they will get you. Having no maintenance means that if your website goes down you will have pay the company to fix it, and if you have any updates such as a change in company information or visual chances you will be charged accordingly. In most cases the web design firm will use this opportunity to take advantage of you and make as much money as possible.

With the firm charging extra every time you need an update being the main disadvantage, you should also know that there is a high chance that they will not provide support or monitor your websites usage. In the long run you will probably find it more beneficial to spend a little more in the first place for a web design firm who will fully support and maintain your companies website.

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