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Using social media integration for your businesses website
Wednesday, February 22, 2012    3:52 pm

Having a company website, with a unique custom website design to represent your company is a great way to put your website out there to the millions of people who use the internet every day. Once your there you might think that this is all that there is to do and you can simply sit back and relax. Whilst this is slightly true in some cases, why not add some social media integration to your website to let customers take advantage of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks alike?

Social Media Integration is actually not particularly hard and a lot of networks are happy to provide useful pieces of code free of charge. This includes things such as Facebook like buttons, Google Plus Ones and even a Tweet option. So can this help you website or is it useless? Of course it can help.

  • People can like your website and it is shown on their activity on their Facebook Wall
  • Tweeting will allow a user to post a link to your website on twitter
  • Recent changes in the search engine algorithms has seen an increase in value from Facebook Likes and Google Plus Ones, meaning if you get a lot of likes from your customers you could see some improvement in search engine rankings.
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