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Using Zen Cart to Design eCommerce Website
Sunday, January 15, 2012    7:26 am

Zen Cart is a widely used script that was prominently designed to be a free, user friendly and well-built eCommerce website system. As it has been designed primarily to act as an eCommerce website it includes many of the features that a standalone web designer would struggle to implement into a hard coded website, at least at a suitable price anyway. Zen Cart’s price is one of its first advantages, of course this is free. Being free and open source has really opened it up to the market of users who wish to own an eCommerce website but could not afford the likes of some web design firms.

You can download the Zen Cart package from their official website for free. Once you have downloaded it there is little else to do. You can simply upload it to your web space and your almost there. After this you simply have to run the installation.

The administration area of the package can be used to edit most aspects of the site very easily; in fact it’s as simple as the likes of WordPress. Products can be added manually or there are script sets out there which can be used to automatically blast the database with thousands of images.

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